Musikhuset Aarhus

Hallway lighting and Symphonic Hall lighting

The challenge:

Replacement of T8 fixtures of varying lenght in Hallway and the Symphonic Hall.

Renovation of existing Downlights and Suspended Downlights.

Flicker-free light with high color rendering (CRI).

Ultra low dimming from 0-100%.

RGBW illumination of Hallway.

RGBW accent lighting of structure in Symphonic Hall.



0-100 % Flicker-Free Dimming
High CRI Custom Line light
DMX Controllable RGBW


Custom Line Light, with high CRI.

Custom LED rep-kit for Downlights, with 97 CRI.

Replacement of old 1-10V signal to DALI control system.

0-100% flicker-free dimming.

DMX controlled RGBW accent lighting.



Plug and Play installation of custom DMX controlled RGBW accent lighting.

Hidden installation in low profile fixtures. With Hook-and-Loop Fasteners for easy configuration and removal if needed.

Centralized control system enabling minimum size of light fixtures.

Fully customized animations and effects for full integration into the visual experience connected to the performance and music.


Custom "Build in" Line Light.

High performance LED's, 3000 Kelvin and 90 CRI.

Avarge 420 LUX on the hallway floor.

Custom DMX controlled RGBW.